What is this metric used for?

The Clinical Investments helps to evaluate if my technology is considered strategic in the medical field.

By analyzing the financing of clinical trials, it is possible to visualize whether a technology is the subject of strong strategic investment by biopharma industry and medical institutions. Some technologies are then considered as priorities at a global scale.

How is the graphic built?

The graph aggregates estimated costs of clinical trials by phase from clinicaltrials.gov on a technology. The data is presented year by year over the last 20 years, thus showing the trend of clinical investments on technology.

To go further

The graph shows the trend of clinical investments on the topic by years. Investments are calculating aggregating clinical trials costs and using estimated costs by phase as following: 

More info : https://aspe.hhs.gov/report/examination-clinical-trial-costs-and-barriers-drug-development

The funding qualification is based on the following values: