In the Innovation ecosystem, keeping up with competitors, partners and industry trends is simply vital.

What is the latest news? The latest investment or M&A? The last patents filed or collaborations that are taking place?... 

Orbit Insight allows you to track companies : get competitive insights automatically and receive weekly or monthly directly in your mailbox.

Compose your personalized newsletter and follow your competitors


Go to your Insight Feed menu and customize your Newsletter in 3 steps and a few minutes!

Choose sections you are interested in among the 5 options: 

  1. News
  2. Corporate Activity
  3. Patenting Activity
  4. Networks 
  5. Scientific Activity

Decide how often you want to receive your newsletter: weekly or at the beginning of each month.   

Finally, select the companies and organizations you want to track by using the search field or by tapping directly into your bookmarks. 

Be alerted weekly or monthly


You will then directly receive a complete and personalized Newsletter summarizing key information.

If a piece of information catches your attention, click on it and go directly to Orbit Insight to find out more: access the complete patent, find out more about the latest acquisition or the latest info...

Configure Monitor Companies


At any time, you can adjust your settings by adding items, or by adding companies to follow via the configuration menu.

Feel free to add companies directly from the profiles when one of them interests you, they will then be instantly added to your Newsletter.