The Smart Search includes the following items to help make your search more efficient:

The query builder

The query builder allows to type keywords in English in order to create basic or advanced queries. You can combine keywords using boolean operators such as AND, NOT and OR to further obtain more relevant results.  Automatic keywords suggestions are available to help you to identify relevant keywords for more powerful searching. You can also search for organizations' name.

Use the Add suggestions button to identify relevant keywords to improve your query:

Use the Add concept button to type manually keywords of your choice in order to add them as synonyms.

Type a new keywod in the search bar each time you want to add a new line. By default, the new line will be linked to the previous one by an AND operator. Click on the operator to change it to NOT.

Click the Go button to run your query.

Boost my search

When enabled, the Boost my search option allows to search for words variation (conjugated form, word family...) and extend the search to more fields.

When disabled, the Boost my search option allows to search only singular and plural forms.

Show syntaxic search

The Show syntaxic search option allows to show/hide the details of your query to better understand what the search engine is searching for.