You can find the following items in the Search Results:

  1. The Query pane
  2. The Menu bar
  3. The Dashboards
  4. Number of Documents & Profiles related to the topic
  5. Metrics

The Query pane

The Query pane shows the query you typed in. Put your mouse over the query to display it fully as shown below.

To edit your query, click on the Edit button:

The Edit Search window is displayed and you can edit your query by adding/removing keywords:

Bookmark your query using the star button:

The Menu bar

To get detailed information on the menu bar, please refer to the Menu Bar section.

The Dashboards

Once you run a query, Orbit Insight generates business-oriented dashboards, including analytical graphs, trends, insights, profiles, networks and metrics related to your searched topic.

The dashboards are available at the top left corner of the app:

  • Technology LandscapeGet a comprehensive overview of a technology (IP dynamic, Key players, Market, Applications).

  • Data Screening Access to the most relevant IP & scientific documents related to your topic.

Click on the dashboard name to display it and explore the metrics.

Number of Documents & Profiles related to the topic

Orbit Insight displays the number of each type of documents as well as the profiles bring back by the query.

Each item is clickable to quickly access to the list of documents or profiles.


Once you run a query, Orbit Insight displays business-oriented dashboards including metrics.

Explore the metrics to get further information related to your topic.

Hover your mouse over the metric to display information that help you to understand the results.

To get more information about a metric, click on the information bubble available at the top left corner of each metric: it displays a new window explaining how the graph has been built, which data has been used and gives you tips and tricks to understand and interpret the results. It gives you the keys to contextualize the results.

Click the graph to have a detailed view of the metric, access to filter options on the right side and to the related scientific works underneath the graph.

To get further information on metrics, please refer to Read a metric section.