What is this metric used for?

The Key Opinion Leaders list shows the key people working on my technology.

Using scientific production (articles, theses, Conference...), IP, networks, projects, clinical trials and the visibility of people on a technology, it is possible to visualize the most dynamic and committed. The more central a person is in the network of a technology, the greater its influence is deemed.

How is the graphic built?

The graph highlights 3 well-positioned leaders on technology in research, IP, recognition and influence. This classification is based on scientific production (articles, theses, conferences...), IP, networks, projects, clinical trials and visibility of the University. Each of these criteria is also analyzed via a graph technology according to several weights related to volumes, dates, scientific recognition, visibility, ...

Click the metric to access the list of KOL. Click a KOL name to access to its profile.

To go further

The relevancy of an expert is mainly based on the following indicators:

  • Number of published documents (all types of documents)
  • Sum of the scores of his documents (all types)
  • Centrality in the query network: the centrality is an indicator based on the number and distance of connections of a node in a network.
  • Diversity of scientific works (number of different types)

The relevancy of a document is mainly based on the following indicators:

  • Number of occurrences of the searched concept
  • Position of the concept within the document (Title, Abstract, Keywords)
  • Publication date of the document: most recent documents are privileged
  • Type of document (A scientific poster will have less weight than a peer reviewed article)