What is this metric used for?

The Collaboration Network shows what is the extent and nature of research networks on my technology.

By using the documents on a technology (articles, patents, projects, clinical trials...), it is possible to weave the networks of organizations (universities, companies...) involved in this technology. The analysis of these networks makes it possible to get an idea of how all the actors around a subject are interacting. 

How is the graphic built?

The graph puts emphasis on the main characteristics of the collaboration networks around the technology. This network consists of the relationships forged by research collaborations, joint ventures on projects and joint clinical trials. 


Indicators show if the network is extended or not, whether it is international or more local and finally whether it is academic, industrial or mixed.

Click the Collaboration network graph to display the players interactions:

Click an organization to dislay the scientific interactions.

Combining network analysis with filters and tags, you can easily understand influence, evaluate reach and identify relevant relations with competitors or partners. 

To go further

The qualification of the collaborative network on a topic is based on the following values: