What is this metric used for?

The IP Investments allows to assess if the technology I am evaluating is at high stake.

The volume of expenditure generated by the players in one field is a good measure of the technological intensity and maturity of the market in question. The higher the volume, the bigger are the market's expectations. 

How is the graphic built?

The graph represents, in financial value, the patent protection investment market on the technology. This market can be described as small, medium or large. In order to be more explicit, the value is set in relation to a "known" market of comparable size.

To go further


The IP investment (sum of the costs of patents families on the topic) is calculated by an algorithm. This algorithm estimates the cost of each procedure on 2018, 2019 and 2020 according to the patents still alive in each family (taxes, cabinet cost, number of actions…). 


The IP Market size is based on the following values :


The graph shows the percentage variance in relation with the following known markets: